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here is a list of cool facts about animals and the world, with citations where i can be bothered to use them

there exists a species of frog which freezes solid on purpose to survive winter
according to recent research, bees can understand the concept of zero
in 2014, we found out that crows understand causal relationships and water displacement
a particular species of crustaceans, the mantis shrimp, have the best eyes in the world
mantis shrimp also have possibly the most powerful punches in the world
there exists a measure of radiation by comparison to bananas
octopi are really, really weird
most species of shark only 'sleep' one side of their brains at any given time
some sharks must be swimming at all times to pass water over their gills or they cannot breathe
there is a lightbulb that has been nearly constantly switched on since 1901 and never needed replacement
the "rarest" human combination of eye and hair colour is red hair and green eyes because they are both the result of recessive genes
life didn't give us lemons. we made them.
you know how bananas don't taste like banana flavouring? some do!
weird and rare condition: fatal insomnia
weird and rare genetic abnormality: xy gonadal dysgenesis
ants have very strange sleeping patterns
we also recently found out that nearly half of a colony's workforce are reserves, not active workers
you'd need to kill and drain the blood from nearly 400 people to make a sword from the blood of your enemies
there exists a man whose brain has approximately 10-20% of the volume of a "normal" brain who still lives a normal life
ever wanted to watch a white blood cell eat a piece of bacteria? now you can!